Best Sellers Pack


Best Sellers Pack




Quickly build muscle & burn excess fat using the BEST SELLERS STACK:

BURN AM: Shed fat fast

  • WHITE WILLOW BARK: Increases healthy inflammation to boost the effectiveness of fat-burning hormones
  • CYANIDIN 3 GLUCOSIDE: Increases glucose utilization and fat intake in the muscles

BURN PM: Crush cravings once and for all

  • 5-HTP: Kills carb cravings & increases food satisfaction
  • CHROMIUM: Stabilizes blood sugar levels to regulate your appetite

TEST STORM: Boost adrenaline and awareness

  • FENUGREEK: Increases testosterone production, while decreasing levels of by-products of testosterone production.
  • LEPIDIUM: Significantly improves drive and sex quality while suppressing prostate growth

SLEEP MULTIPLIER: Lose weight while you sleep

  • L-THEANINE: Decreases side effects of overstimulation & increases relaxation
  • MAGNESIUM: causes vasodilation to promote systemic relaxation from lowered blood pressure