Bulletproof Vitality For Him


Bulletproof Vitality For Her




BULLETPROOF VITALITY provides micronutrients and a rich vitamin profile to improve your prostate health, reduce oxidative damage & regulate healthy inflammation.


  1. Increases sexual function 
  2. Decreases prostate swelling 
  3. Reduces getting up in the night to use the bathroom 
  4. Interferes with prostate growth
  5. Regrows hair & prevents balding 
  6. Gene regulation 


  1. Improves mood 
  2. Reduces inflammation and pain 
  3. Increases blood pressure and flow 
  4. Decreases muscle soreness and pain 
  5. Increases ability to breath 
  6. Boosts fertility 
  7. Prevents oxidative stress 
  8. Raises testosterone levels


  • How much should I take? Take one serving (2 tablets) every morning. (PLEASE NOTE* If you purchased Bulletproof Vitlaity in one of our bundles, you will receive our new formula. Check the supplement label on the bundle product page for more usage info.)
  • How? With food? Liquid? Take this with 8oz of liquid. You do not need to take this with food. If you experience GI upset, you can take it after your first meal of the day.
  • Cycling? This product should not be cycled.
  • What happens if I skip? Not a big deal, you can double the dose if you want, but it is not necessary.
  • Does BV have calories? No, this product is calorie-free.
  • Is BV vegan/ gluten-free? Yes.
  • Does this product contain caffeine? No.
  • Can I take this on certain medications? Yes. However, always check with your Dr./Physician.