Experiencing soreness or stiffness after extremely productive workouts?

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INTRA by Prestige Labs was explicitly designed to elevate post-workout pain while helping you:

• Recover faster

 Decrease soreness

• Increase muscle tone

• Eliminate fatigue

• Reduce irritability

Fortify your body using INTRA’S powerful formulation:

ANABOLIC AMINO ACID BLEND: Provides the building blocks (you need to build muscle) available when you stimulate muscle protein synthesis during exercise

POTASSIUM CHLORIDE: Improves muscle contraction & helps with muscle cramps

SODIUM CHLORIDE: Acts as an electrolyte, supports hyper-hydration & helps muscle contraction

CREATINE: Creates readily available energy for muscle contraction

BETAINE: Regulates inflammatory markers, decreases stress hormones, optimizes hydration & increases resistance to muscle stress


  • Serving Size? Take one serving (2 scoops) on the days that you workout (3 times a week).
  • When? Sip on this during your workout.
  • Daily vs. weekly? This product is formulated to last one month by taking 3 times
    weekly on days you workout.
  • How? With food? Liquid? Take with as much fluid as you need to make it taste
    good. You do not need to take this with food.
  • Cycling? Should be able to take consistently for an extended period of time 3 times a week.
  • What happens if I skip? Not a big deal to double up the dosage, but not necessary. Take a regular dose during your next workout.
  • Does Intra have calories? Technically, there are calories in the INTRA since Amino Acids are protein. That being said, you are looking at 30 calories per serving (15 per scoop).
  • Can you take Intra while pregnant or breastfeeding? Yes!
  • Is Intra vegan/gluten-free? Yes.
  • How much creatine is in INTRA? 2 grams per serving.